The Ardwiino Guitar Configurator tool allows you to program Arduinos for your own custom controllers.

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  • Controllers can emulate a variety of different controllers, including XInput (not Compatible with xboxs), PS3, Nintendo Wii Rockband Controllers, PS4/PS5 Rockband Controllers and even a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Controllers can either take input from to Wii controllers, take input from to PS2 controllers or the inputs can be wired directly to the Arduino
  • Controllers poll at <1ms, but due to the limitations of USB 2.0, this will result in a poll rate of 1ms
  • Controllers support having LEDs react to inputs, including using APA102s (Dotstar) or just wiring regular LEDs inline with the buttons.
  • An Arduino Pro Micro, Arduino Micro, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega can be used.
  • Tool is cross platform, with LED support working on Linux, macOS and Windows.
  • A variety of tilt switches can be used in order to support Star Power tilt for Guitar Hero Guitars, including mercury switches, analogue accelerometers and the MPU-6050

Avoid using USB 2.0 hubs when using these controllers, they poll so quickly that multiple guitars on a single hub will be slowed down, and some hubs will even cause issues with the controller being detected. However, USB 3.0 hubs are okay, and I have previously used multiple guitars on a single USB 3.0 hub with no issues.

How to build an adaptor or controller

Pick a guide from the left to learn how to build a controller or adaptor.

Need Help? Something not working?

Feel free to message me on Discord, my username is sanjay900#5549.

Download link

Click Here to download. You can visit this link in order to see older releases and testing releases.


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