The Ardwiino Guitar Configurator tool allows you to program Arduinos for your own custom controllers.

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  • Controllers can emulate a variety of different controllers, including XInput, PS3, Nintendo Wii Rockband Controllers, PS4/PS5 Rockband Controllers and even a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Controllers can either take input from to Wii controllers, take input from to PS2 controllers or the inputs can be wired directly to the Arduino
  • Controllers poll at <1ms, but due to the limitations of USB 2.0, this will result in a poll rate of 1ms
  • Controllers support having LEDs react to inputs, including using APA102s (Dotstar) or just wiring regular LEDs inline with the buttons.
  • An Arduino Pro Micro, Arduino Micro, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega can be used.
  • Tool is cross platform, with LED support working on Linux, macOS and Windows.
  • Star Power tilt support for Guitar Hero Guitars with mercury switches or other tilt switches

Avoid using USB 2.0 hubs when using these controllers, they poll so quickly that multiple guitars on a single hub will be slowed down, and some hubs will even cause issues with the controller being detected. However, USB 3.0 hubs are okay, and I have previously used multiple guitars on a single USB 3.0 hub with no issues.

X360 Support

You can use to patch out the authentication checks on an RGH modded console, and then you can use an Ardwiino controller on X360.

How to build an adaptor or controller

Pick a guide from the left to learn how to build a controller or adaptor.

Need Help? Something not working?

Feel free to message me on Discord, my username is sanjay900#5549.

Download link

Click Here to download. You can visit this link in order to see older releases and testing releases.


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